Thursday, 29 December 2011

Oh, Grandma :)

We went to visit our grandmother. I won't lie.
I didn't want to go.


I know. (-.-) I could feel a pang of guilt stuck in my chest.
But everything turned out awesome! :D

I repeat. A-W-E-S-O-M-E.
My grandma's 81 and she's still a doll like she's ever been. :)
And a grandma won't be a grandma without.......

You guessed it. Storytelling.

Pen Pressure. Y U not working! 

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Day 4 of Sem Break


I just got my braces adjusted...and...the... PAIN! x-x ack!
I'm squirming nonstop right now. >.< jeez. Put yourself together, woman! Ahem. Moving on... I registered for this event today: (OMGAH! I CAN'T WAIT!!!)

Check out the Facebook Page :)

It's a one-day camp with various topics such as DoodleArt, Screenwriting, Street and Film Photography, Bass Guitar, Drums Clinic, and Song Writing. I signed up for the Doodle Art :)

I'm not familiar with the speaker (Anjo Bolarda)... but he sounded pretty much Big Time. Haha. One thing I'm concerned about: I draw... but I'm not sure about Doodles. 
 One thing about doodles: Once you start lining up your paper with sketches... YOU MUST NOT STOP.
I read in a magazine that it's a "Simultaneous flow of your imagination." "Just Let it flow"... as it says.

--> What if I get Creative Block (it's like a mental block) during the event? 
--> What if all my ideas get stuck up?

and a lot of other "What Ifs" were flung in my head after that question.
Well... TIWALA LANG :) I can do this!


Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Kreativ Blogger Award

Thanks a lot Ate Bee! :-*
whub chu <3

 -Share 7 things about yourself and link back to the person who passed you the award.
-Award 15 blogs and drop them a line about it.


1.) I love dogs. Originally, we had seven dogs. Yagi (the mom) and six pups. But mom won't let us keep all seven (sigh). -(;_;)- Boo. So we decided to keep Yagi and one pup (Chowder).

That's Yagi... (one proud momma!)

The six pups (sorry for the bad Image quality)

Should I give their names? From the top-left going down: Thunder, Chowder, Scrumpy, Disco (at the middle), Snow, and Noggin. :)

2.) I Love Drawing (and other forms of Art) :D. 
I'm studying Digital Illustration and Animation in a University... that's why those skills come in handy. 

Feel free to check out my other Artworks :)

3.) I Can Write (although I'd prefer creative writing more than anything else). I love it when my ideas spring out of my head. 

Sometimes, when I'd wake up in the middle of the night and an idea pops up... I'd hurriedly pick up a pen and write on a paper (sometimes a tissue, if I really can't find a paper and I HAD TO WRITE MY IDEA DOWN BEFORE IT POOFS!)
 --okay, never mind the last part...

4.) I also love Big Bang! Thanks to Gabby and her sisters ;)
their blogs: Ate Bee and Ate Roxx

But I don't check on them as often as before... cuz of all the crises that's going on. :( 
Good Luck, Guys! We'll continue to support you!

Haha. Need I say it? I LOVE (love love love!) Blueberry Cheesecake :D Whoever invented this recipe is a PURE GENIUS! (If anyone knows who, please let me know) :D

6.) I love taking Pictures :) Although I'm waaaaay amateur in Photography, (and I never considered myself as a photographer) my spine tingles every time I see a wonderful view. The Solution? GO GIT YER CAMERA!

The last Photo's a dragonfly... (in case you're wondering) :D

7.) I CAN'T COOK! D: 
Seriously... my mom knows how to cook every dish you can imagine. Why? Why didn't I get that?! (T^T) phooey. I cooked a Cheese Omelette one morning (since Mom was sick...) and when I asked my brother how it was... He gave a very heartbreaking honest response: "Whelp" as he pokes the gooey- yellow substance on the plate "It's Edible." </3 


Well, that's just about it... hmm... bout the tagging 15 other people thing, maybe I can do that some other time... BYE BABIES! :D

-Fish (030)

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Day 2 of Sem Break

FINALLY! I was able to give my dogs bath :3
How'd you like that? Haha. I know you don't.
I could sense both of them grunting and snorting all throughout the bath.

Moving on... our TV just got fixed today! Hoorah!
I'm glad you're back baybeey <3

I'm getting a hang of this blog thingy :D Washaa!
-Fish (030)

Monday, 17 October 2011

Day 1 of Sem Break:

I really really loved this day cuz... it's all about...
ME! yayz! haha. Pamper... pamper...
Also, our TV's broken... but it's not a bad thing after all... because I got to read a book (which I think is a lot better :D )

I didn't get to give my dogs a bath... I couldn't find their towels! D: hmm.... maybe tomorrow.
I'm off to bed! <3

-Fish (030)

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Nikki is in a relationship... with SEM BREAK!

Sem break, you're mine now!
Even though it's just for two weeks, I'd like you to know... I'd make every moment count. :)
Owkaay. So I've made a couple of lists as to what I want to do for three weeks. *crosses fingers*
Hope I could do them ALL!

1.) Exercise everyday
2.) Walk my dogs regularly. (Sorry guys)
3.) Learn how to REALLY cook.
4.) Finish reading a book.
5.) Do some artworks :D
6.) Open the Bible (Which I haven't done for a while now :I )

I can do this! FIGHTING! :))

-Fish (030)