Thursday, 20 October 2011

Day 4 of Sem Break


I just got my braces adjusted...and...the... PAIN! x-x ack!
I'm squirming nonstop right now. >.< jeez. Put yourself together, woman! Ahem. Moving on... I registered for this event today: (OMGAH! I CAN'T WAIT!!!)

Check out the Facebook Page :)

It's a one-day camp with various topics such as DoodleArt, Screenwriting, Street and Film Photography, Bass Guitar, Drums Clinic, and Song Writing. I signed up for the Doodle Art :)

I'm not familiar with the speaker (Anjo Bolarda)... but he sounded pretty much Big Time. Haha. One thing I'm concerned about: I draw... but I'm not sure about Doodles. 
 One thing about doodles: Once you start lining up your paper with sketches... YOU MUST NOT STOP.
I read in a magazine that it's a "Simultaneous flow of your imagination." "Just Let it flow"... as it says.

--> What if I get Creative Block (it's like a mental block) during the event? 
--> What if all my ideas get stuck up?

and a lot of other "What Ifs" were flung in my head after that question.
Well... TIWALA LANG :) I can do this!



  1. I know that feeling
    maybe you should post your work too


  2. @Tootsie... haha. Yeah :) I actually tried doodling just recently! Thanks for dropping by :*

  3. I just switch off my brain when I doodle, maybe that's the wrong thing to do :)